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Program Themes

IXA 2017 Congress Abstract Topics

  • Cell and Tissue Xenotransplantation (non-islets)
  • Coagulation and Thrombosis
  • Ethics, Cultural and Religious Aspects of Xenotransplantation
  • Genetic Engineering of the Xeno Donor
  • Immunosuppression and Tolerance
  • Infectious Risk and Xenozoonoses
  • Innate Immunity and Inflammation
  • Islet Xenotransplantation – Clinical and Preclinial Models
  • Islet Xenotransplantation – Small Animal and In Vitro Models
  • Methodology / Techniques / Resources
  • Molecular and Physiologic Incompatibilities
  • Organ Xenotransplantation – Preclinical Models
  • Organ Xenotransplantation – Small Animal and In Vitro Models
  • Regulation and Public Perception of Xenotransplantation
  • Swine in Biomedical Research (Satellite Symposium, Sunday/Monday)
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Technology
  • Xeno Pathology and Molecular Mechanisms
  • Xenoantigens and Antibodies

6th Swine in Biomedical Research Conference Abstract Topics

  • Dual purpose with dual benefit – use of swine in agriculture and biomedical research
  • Genetic engineering – current advances
  • Improving accuracy of preclinical research
  • Regenerative medicine

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